Bravellous Points Terms & Conditions

Bravissimo’s Reward Points scheme is now closed (as of 3rd March 2019).

Over the last few months we’ve had lots of feedback from Bravissimo girls about our Reward Points scheme. Many of you have told us how you think we could improve it and now we’re planning to make some changes which we hope you are going to like – you have been heard!

We are currently busy developing this new scheme based on all of the feedback we have received and will confirm them as soon as we can - we are excited to tell you more about it!


What will happen to my points if I didn’t reach 10 points, or you didn’t redeem your free bra before 3rd March and what is the new scheme?

If you had points remaining when the scheme ended, we will absolutely reward you with something when the new scheme starts. We can’t confirm the new scheme yet, as we’re still working away behind the scenes to finalise this and make it something really special, so please do bear with us in the meantime. We can’t wait to bring the new scheme to you very soon…

If you have any more questions, please get in touch with us – we love to help! Call us toll free at +1 877 826 3857, chat with us on live chat or email us at