Bravissimo Girls CanYour Sports Stories!

We spoke to some awesome big boobed women who came in for a sports bra fitting, embraced their shape and got active.
You go, Bravissimo girls!

Natasha's Story

When Natasha started to dance as a teenager, she felt hindered by her ever-growing boobs. It wasn't until she got fitted in a proper sports bra that she felt able to embrace her shape and empowered to do what she wanted. Go go go, Natasha!

Robyn, Amy and Helen’s stories

These Bravissimo girls talk about how they felt before and after getting a proper sports bra fitting.

Dee's Story

Having big boobs can sometimes give us real facepalm moments… We hope Dee's sports story perks up your day!

Claire's Story

“We look after our feet with the right fitting trainers, so we should look after our boobs with a great fitting sports bra.” Claire’s background in the fitness industry means she’s well aware of the benefits of getting a well-fitted sports bra – she brought her boot camp team in to see us and they left feeling supported in more ways than one.

Need some advice?

If you’re not sure if your sports bra is up to the job, or need any advice at all, then we’re here for you! Pop in-store for a sports bra fitting with one of our friendly fitters - find your nearest shop or give us a call on 01926 459 859 and we’ll be happy to help.


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