Caroline BartlettRetail and Customer Director

In 3 words, how would your closest friends describe you?

Positive, passionate and funny.

What do you do at Bravissimo?

My role here at Bravissimo is leading our customer facing teams, so I have full accountability for the warehouse plus our retail and customer service team. Being part of the senior team means that we all make broader decisions about the business, our customers and our teams.

What is the best thing about working at Bravissimo?

It’s hard to pick out just one thing, there are so many! I think the fact that we are constantly striving, in so many ways, to make a positive difference for women, and that everything we do is purpose and experience led really is the best thing about being part of working at Bravissimo.




If you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Develop your inner confidence and trust your instinct.

What quote or mantra do you live by?

My glass, bowl, cup, mug, or any alternative drinking vessel is always more than half full, its brimming over and that’s how I try and live my life.

What is your party trick?

If my friends, my colleagues or my team were answering this, they would say falling asleep! Those who know me well, know I’m an early bird and usually early to bed but I still love a great party.

What’s the song that always uplifts you?

If I need a mood boost I will go straight to The Greatest Showman.

What’s your favourite go-to bra?

There’s too many to choose from, although my lockdown favourite has to be the Fantasie Jacqueline Non Wired bra.

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