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Bravissimo Girl Power!

At Bravissimo our mission is to give big boobed women the best choice of bras available and Bravissimo girls have always played a vital part in shaping what we’ve been able to do.

We’ve come a very long way since when we started in 1995. Back then the choice for women over a D cup was unbelievably limited – we couldn’t offer anything bigger than an H cup, no balconette bras, no plunge bras, no strapless bras over an E cup and no colours other than black, white and nude. It’s hard to imagine now, but it really was that bad.

In those days we didn’t make our own bras, so we asked Bravissimo girls to write to us if they wanted a better choice of bras so that we could put pressure on the brands to do more – and we delivered huge tomes of letters to them! Many responded really positively and started to develop the styles you were asking for – the first colour, the first plunge bra, the first moulded bra, the first J cup bra, then JJ, then K – the list goes on...

Thanks to your fantastic support and your willingness to help us prove to the lingerie brands that there were many thousands of big boobed women who deserved a fantastic choice of bras to fit them, we were able to change the landscape of the bra industry.


Pioneering on your behalf

You asked, we listened!

Fantastic as that was, there were still things that Bravissimo girls wanted that no one was doing so rather than give up, we thought we’d do something about it ourselves! To begin with we developed our first strappy top, then we moved on to our first shirt (and the beginnings of our clothing range) and finally, our first own-label bra.

It’s been a massive learning curve with hours of designing, pattern cutting, grading and wear testing to get it right but with your help, we’re now able to develop styles for Bravissimo girls ourselves and we’ve not looked back since. Today things are a huge amount better but we know that there are still things that you would like us to do that we don’t currently offer…


We're Still Listening!


As we have learnt for ourselves, making bras, swimwear and clothing for women with big boobs can be very technically challenging – as Bravissimo girls will appreciate, our bras don’t just need to look nice, they’ve got a proper job to do! Developing clothing styles that really fit and flatter our fabulous figures in 18 different sizes is also no walk in the park!

For that reason, we can’t say that we’ll be able to do everything that you’d like (backless, strapless styles could be pretty tricky, for example!) but we can promise to listen to you and where we get a lot of requests for something, to really think about how we could do it.

Some things are easier – new colours, more of a certain type of style, developments of things that we’ve already done. If we get lots of requests for them, these are things we can and will do.

In terms of the more technically difficult things, we strongly believe that where there’s a will, there’s usually a way and we’ve proved that together with your support, we can achieve things that have never been done before. Bravissimo girl power lives on!
So, if there’s a style that you would love to be able to wear or something you’re desperate to see in our range, please get in touch with us to let us know and we’ll do our best to make you smile.