Doing Our Bit


At Bravissimo, lots of us are keen to do our bit for others and everyone who works for us has a say in the national charity we choose to support. This year, for the second time in recent years, we have chosen to support Mind. Every year, one in four of us will experience a mental health problem, which means that every family, every workplace, and every friendship circle could be affected. We’re really pleased to be able to support them in their belief that no-one should have to face a mental health problem alone.



Looking for a place to donate old bras? We run a bra recycling scheme in our shops and this is a great way that we Bravissimo girls can support Mind’s amazing work. All you need to do is bring your old bras in to one of our shops (it doesn’t matter what condition they’re in – honestly!) and put them in our recycling bin (or dump the old one you’ve been wearing while you treat yourself to a new one!).

For every kg we recieve, we make a donation to Mind for their amazing work – so the bigger the bra, the better! All the bras that are donated are then recycled for good use. Those which are in a useable condition go directly to women in developing countries across the world. Those bras which can’t be used are broken down into parts which are also recycled into new items. So next time you’re thinking about having a bra clear-out, please remember our scheme – lots of small acts of kindness from Bravissimo girls can really make a difference.


Many of us at Bravissimo are busy finding ways to raise money for Mind including sponsored walks and runs, raffles and tombolas, as well as bake sales and Time to Talk coffee mornings. If you’d like to help, there are lots of ways you can get involved, including supporting our bra recycling scheme that we run in our shops.

For more information about Mind, visit

Local Events and Raffle Prizes

If you’re involved in an event to support a good cause that’s local to one of our shops, and you think we might be able to help with a raffle prize or in another way, please come in to the shop and let us know about it. Much as we’d love to, we can’t promise to be able to support everything as each shop has a limited budget but we will consider all requests and let you know if and how we might be able to help.

Supporting our Local Community

As an employer in Warwickshire, we support a range of local charities in Leamington Spa and the surrounding areas. Our employee charity committee looks out for local charity events and community projects we could support and encourages everyone who works for Bravissimo to nominate local causes too.

If you’d like us to consider supporting a local charitable cause that you’re involved in, please get in touch with our Customer Services team by email and we’ll get back to you. As before, we can’t promise to be able to support every good cause (there are a lot of them!) but we will consider every request and let you know what we can do.