I first came to Bravissimo as a big-boobed teenager! After struggling for a few years to find something I felt comfortable in, my mum took me to Bravissimo. She was at her wit’s end with me sobbing in changing rooms because I could only find ‘granny’ bras that I just wasn’t happy in. There’s nothing wrong with grannies…but at 17 years old you don’t want to be wearing a ‘granny’ bra, right?!

I don’t know how we found Bravissimo, but Mum took me in and I had the most amazing experience! I was fitted without a tape measure – someone just looked at me and knew what size I was and afterwards I felt so confident in my own body. I could finally wear a beautiful bra, just like all my friends were wearing, but it fitted me properly and I felt really happy and confident in it!

I shop at Bravissimo now because I love the products. I can come here for a fitting and I know I’ll walk away with a bra that fits and supports me well and I know that it will last. I can buy bras for any occasion - whether it was for my wedding or just for every day at work or sports bras for fitness – I know I can always find what I need here!

Being a Bravissimo girl to me means feeling happy and confident in how I look and how I feel. I know that no matter what age or size I am I will always be able to come into Bravissimo and find the right bra for me.