I’ve been a Bravissimo girl for the best part of 10 years and having bras that look as good as they fit makes me feel confident and secure. My mum’s a Bravissimo girl too! Bravissimo has always been in my life… I can remember seeing my mum have all this choice of amazing bras and swimwear while I was growing up, so, when in my early teens I found myself at an E-cup and destined for ‘The Beige Section’, I knew to look in the Bravissimo magazine. I discovered that the rainbow doesn’t stop at a D cup and bras can be pretty and sexy (whilst doing some heavy lifting!).

Getting fitted at Bravissimo…

There are no scary tape measures at Bravissimo, it’s so friendly and lovely – it’s just like hanging out with a friend!

How do you feel when you’re wearing a great-fitting bra?

When I’m wearing a great-fitting bra, I feel like I can take on the world! I don’t have to worry about my boobs falling out… the bra’s working… I’m working… it’s all good!


It’s really refreshing to see such a diverse range of fellow big-boobed women featured on Bravissimo’s social channels. Seeing other women like me living their own lives is a massive boost for my confidence. It’s a friendship and although we haven’t met we feel like we know each other. We all support one another and have a sense of unity over having big boobs!

What does being a Bravissimo girl mean to you?

Being a Bravissimo girl is about feeling supported and uplifted - both physically and mentally. It means being part of a community of big-boobed women who support and uplift one another… just like a bra!