Work for us!

Bravissimo is the champion of women with big boobs. We aim to inspire our customers to celebrate their figures and feel confident and amazing. If this excites you and you like the idea of working for a company that aims to make a difference, a job at Bravissimo could be for you.


We want everyone who works for us to feel passionate about making a difference for our customers and to enjoy what they do and we’re proud to have been included in the Sunday Times Best 100 Companies for 14 years in a row.

Whether you’re talking to customers on the phone or helping them in our shops, developing our products or systems, or working on the numbers, every role at Bravissimo contributes to achieving our vision of enabling women with big boobs to feel great.

Learn more about some of the roles at Bravissimo from a few of our people below.


Our purpose is to inspire big boobed women to feel confident and amazing. We put our customers at the heart of everything we do, and aim to give a personal experience that is uplifting for each Bravissimo girl. We want Bravissimo girls to smile and we have fun sharing our experience together. We empower our customers to make their own choices and we listen to them and engage with them so they feel Bravissimo is their community.



Buying, designing and developing the choice of products that our customers want (and if no one has made them before, we’ll have a go!).


Making sure we have the right styles in the right sizes for our customers to buy where and when they want them (with over 20,000 SKUs to manage, it’s a challenge!).


Making sure our customers get their orders as quickly as possible and are delighted with every parcel that arrives from us.


Communicating with new and existing Bravissimo girls, however they want to hear from us, and giving our customers a fantastic shopping experience on our website and digital channels.


Making sure Bravissimo’s purpose and personality shines through all our creative and written content and spreading the word about the experience we offer big-boobed women to the wider world.


Giving Bravissimo girls friendly fitting and style advice that enables them to look and feel fantastic.

People & Culture

Finding, developing and supporting the people that enable Bravissimo to achieve great things.


Creating, developing and fixing all our in-house systems and supporting everyone so Bravissimo can function as efficiently as possible.


Making sure the numbers add up and we’re able to invest in our growth and in new possibilities.

Customer Services

Going the extra mile to make every Bravissimo girl smile.