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Clothing Range Update

What is the returns policy for clothing?

We just ask that you return any clothing items you'd like to return to us unworn (with all labels intact) within 60 days of purchase.

From 1st February 2022, our normal 60 day returns policy still applies on clothing clearance, but we will be unable to offer exchanges for clothing items. This does not apply to any other products.

I’ve heard you will no longer be offering clothing, is this true?

Yes, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue our main clothing range. We will no longer be producing new clothing ranges including dresses, tops, shirts, and jackets.

We will continue to produce supportive nightwear, loungewear, and vest tops with built-in bras. We’ll also continue to sell some sportswear, in the form of sports vest tops and co-ordinating leggings and a small selection of beachwear, to complement our swimwear range.

Why are you discontinuing your main clothing range?

We have tried for many years to find ways to continue producing clothing that appeals to the varying tastes and styles of our wonderfully diverse community of big boobed women. Unfortunately, this challenge alongside the increasing complexity of creating a ‘curvy fit’ range has meant it has become unsustainable for us to continue producing our clothing range.

Are you still doing nightwear, beachwear and vest tops with built in support?

Yes we are! Our nightwear and vest tops are made in cup sizes rather than curvy fit and are sustainable for us to run as a business. We will continue to offer beachwear too, this won’t be in curvy sizes but it will still be designed with your boobs in mind and in S/M/L sizes.

When will you stop selling clothing?

Clothing is no longer available in any of our shops or online.

Have you discontinued your clothing because of impact of the Coronavirus pandemic?

No, this is a decision that has taken a lot of time and investigation to come to. We have faced challenges in offering a clothing range that appeals to our wonderfully diverse community of big boobed women for as many years as we have sold it, and have struggled to produce clothes across our curvy sizes when we have never sold big volumes. We’re excited to be able to offer even more choice across our lingerie and swimwear ranges and to continue our mission of offering a wide range of choice to uplift big boobed women in every way.

What does this mean for the future of Bravissimo?

We are here for our lovely big-boobed community for the long term! The decision to no longer offer clothing will enable us to focus on offering lingerie and swimwear in up to 94 sizes, from D to L cup, and offer more choice across these ranges. We look forward to continuing our mission to inspire big boobed women to feel amazing!

Will you close some of your stores once clothing is removed, if this means you won’t have the stock to fill them?

We are not planning to close any of our shops and our friendly fitters are here for you for the long-term. We are exploring ways to use the space differently to further uplift your shop experience!

Could you just not make a smaller range of clothing with some key items?

This is something we considered in great detail but a smaller range poses the same challenges and is not a sustainable option. However, we are focusing on producing and expanding our range of nightwear, loungewear, beachwear, vest tops with built-in support and sportswear designed with your boobs in mind.

I only ever buy clothing from you, are there other ways you can support me as a customer?

We’d absolutely love you to stay a part of our Bravissimo community and we'll still be here to help you feel uplifted and confident. Bravissimo’s purpose is to make big boobed women feel amazing and support our community, so we will continue to offer advice on where you’ll able to find clothing ranges that work for big boobs – we may not be selling clothing but we’re here to continue to support you as much as we can!

Will I be able to buy Bravissimo clothing anywhere else?

No, we are not planning to sell Bravissimo clothing through any other stores or online outlets. Our collection of supportive nightwear, loungewear, sportswear, beachwear, and vest tops with built-in support will still be available in store and online.

Where can I find alternative clothing made for women with big boobs?

Our purpose is to support our big boobed community, so we have created a list of some brands that make clothing specifically tailored for big boobs:

ASOS Fuller Bust –
Next Fuller Bust -
Fairlie Curved -
Bombshell HQ -
Alice Fawke -
Tai Deux -

As a community of many big boobed women ourselves, we’ve found these brands are often cut a little more generously for your boobs but are not specifically tailored that way:

Seasalt -
Popsy -
Joanie -
New Look -
In The Style -
Missguided -
Scarlett & Jo -
Collectif -